The Institute for Justice has a full studio and production staff to help our attorneys, clients, and experts remotely participate in television and radio stories.

Contact information
If you’re scheduled to do an interview, call (703) 682-9320 and then asked to be transferred to the studio.
Otherwise, feel free to reach out to the media point person.


For video, we have two options:

  1. Tape-sync File: This is the best way to get in-studio quality video and audio. You will call into our studio on the phone and ask live questions. We capture the answers on video. We generally use a one of our Canon Cinema EOS cameras (C100, C100mii, or C300) to shoot HD video. We then provide a lightly compressed .MP4 using H.264 encoding (~10 Mbit/sec). It typically takes 1 hour to turn around the file, which we then upload to Dropbox and send you a download link for use in your story.
  2. Skype: If you prefer, we can also arrange a live Skype interview. Our experts will be professional lit and miced. We shoot with Canon Cinema EOS cameras, so the result appears to be an in-studio shot (e.g. not someone looking down into a laptop camera with the integrated mic). You will need to be capable of capturing the Skype session on your end.

For both types of interviews, we generally posture our experts straight-to-camera with a semi-generic background with IJ’s branding. Please let your media point person know which format you’d like, and any additional details and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

If you prefer, we can position our experts to look off camera.


For radio, we use Sennheiser mics in a recording studio. Interviews are conducted over a speaker phone, and then the studio audio is sent following the interview (generally in a wav format, but we’re flexible). Turnaround time takes roughly one hour.

Please contact your media point person with any non-technical issues, such as scheduling. Technical questions can be addressed to other Isaac Reese ([email protected]) or Mark Meranta ([email protected]).