2003 Summer Clerks and Interns

August 1, 2003

August 2003

2003 Summer Clerks and Interns

Our year 2003 summer clerks and interns provided excellent legal research for IJ.

They are from left to right, Josh Chadwick-Columbia Law School, Daniel Kelly-Harvard Law School, Philip Uhde-Yale University, Robert Frommer-University of Michigan Law School, Kate Duree-University of Pennsylvania Law School, Daniel Evans-Brigham Young University, Jennifer Lakin-American Law School, Ryan Williams-Hillsdale College, Abraham Sutherland-UC Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, Anthony Sanders-University of Minnesota Law School, Elizabeth Barr-Northwestern Law School, Rick Elgendy-Georgetown University, Irina Manta-Yale Law School. Arizona chapter clerks (not pictured) are Hayley Reynolds-Cornell Law School, Brian Glazer-Indiana University School of Law. North Carolina chapter clerk (not pictured) is Dave Roland-Vanderbilt University Law School. Washington chapter clerks (not pictured) are Brian Amsbary-University of Washington Law School, Adam Tait-Gonzaga University School of Law.

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