Beyond Pixels

February 1, 2006

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the eye-popping motion graphics, video production and state-of-the-art websites created by IJ Production and Design Assistant Isaac Reese have provided an encyclopedia of inspiration for the freedom movement. Isaac’s inspirations continue to captivate the many visitors who view the Institute for Justice’s websites and publications.

Isaac joined IJ in the fall of 2001 as a design intern. From the very beginning, Isaac transformed the organization’s publications and websites with cutting-edge graphic design and technology. It is no surprise to any of us at IJ that whenever new web technology is made available, Isaac is the office innovator, examining it and seeing how the Institute and its supporters can benefit from its use.

From his first major project—the “IJ 360º” online office tour (which introduced visitors to each of our senior staff and utilized Flash, QuickTime VR and motion video)—to IJ’s latest big project (an interactive nationwide map that tracks eminent domain abuse for private use)—Isaac continually challenges himself to find innovative ways of communicating IJ’s message and making each publication and website an example of excellence. This includes the integral production role he plays in creating reader-friendly publications that keep IJ supporters current in our nationwide battle for liberty.

It is this quest for innovation that led IJ President and General Counsel Chip Mellor to say, “With creative talent, boundless energy and an unflappably congenial demeanor, Isaac always delivers the best.”

Isaac’s interest in web technology and design are perfectly complemented by his hobby. Isaac is an avid amateur photographer and during his time at IJ, he has been on photo and video shoots in and around Washington, D.C., at the U.S. Senate and the U.S. Supreme Court, and in Chicago and New London, Conn. Regardless of the setting, Isaac is able to capture the moment with his camera. His eye for detail and ability to capture the essence of an event have enabled IJ to incorporate unforgettable images of our clients and victories into all of our work.

Isaac’s dedication and creative flair have resulted in numerous awards and recognitions for the Institute for Justice. In 2005 alone, IJ’s website received both a Gold MarCom creative award and was nominated for a Webby—the “Oscar” of the Internet. Isaac has made his work integral not only to the success of the Institute’s production department, but to the entire organization.

Don Wilson is IJ’s production and design director

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Beyond Pixels

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