November 19, 2019

IJ released our original policy report 12 Myths and Realities About Private Educational Choice Programs in 2017 to dispel and disprove 12 of the most common misconceptions about educational choice. Our goal was to help legislators, our allies, and the public make well-informed decisions about the merits of giving parents more control over their children’s education.

To learn more about school choice, check out our most recent 2019 report 12 Myths and Realities about Private Educational Choice Programs.

The publication proved to be one of our most popular resources for those seeking to expand educational choice, so we rereleased the material this fall. Using the latest empirical research, the new edition contains the most up-to-date data on choice programs and sets straight the misleading sloganeering from teachers’ unions and their allies.

With state legislatures going back into session soon, this rerelease could not be more timely. Each year, policymakers seeking to expand educational options for families must combat misleading campaigns mounted by special interest groups committed to maintaining the public school status quo. Myths and Realities equips policymakers with a mountain of evidence showing that students and families benefit when they can choose the educational environment that works best for them.

What’s more, with IJ’s landmark educational choice case Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue headed to the U.S. Supreme Court this winter, this new edition has added resonance. A win in that case will remove the biggest barrier to choice in many states that have been reluctant to adopt programs. If the high court clears the way for students and families to be free to choose, IJ will help make even more new programs a reality, freeing thousands of American families to choose the education that works best for them. u

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