Farewell Andrew Archie

October 1, 2005

October 2005

IJ Senior Attorney Scott Bullock shares a moment with IJ client Andrew Archie at a party celebrating their victory over eminent domain abuse in Mississippi.

Farewell Andrew Archie

Andrew Archie, the gentle but determined patriarch of the Archie family we represented in our Mississippi eminent domain case, passed away on July 19, 2005, from pancreatic cancer. He had been hospitalized for a couple of weeks and was struggling mightily to get well enough to go back home to the land he loved. Unfortunately, he did not get to do that, but he did pass peacefully with family members around him. As you will recall, the State of Mississippi condemned land Mr. Archie had lived on since he was eight years old for a Nissan plant. But when IJ obtained a stay of condemnation from the Supreme Court of Mississippi, the State was forced to drop its eminent domain suits. Today, the Nissan plant has been built, but the Archie homes, including that of Andrew’s son, Lonzo and his wife, Matilda, remain where they have always been.

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