January 31, 2019

An increasingly popular benefit of membership in IJ’s Partners Club and Guardians Circle is the opportunity to participate in IJ LIVE calls. These exclusive and interactive phone conversations give our most dedicated supporters a deeper understanding of how IJ turns their contributions into important and lasting victories for liberty. 

Our most recent IJ LIVE event featured President and General Counsel Scott Bullock, as well as Senior Attorney Wesley Hottot and Attorney Sam Gedge. Wesley and Sam talked about their experience litigating on behalf of forfeiture victim Tyson Timbs at the U.S. Supreme Court last November. They described the months and days leading up to the argument and offered an assessment of how different justices reacted to our case. Scott hosted the conversation and discussed IJ’s larger strategy to end abusive fines, fees, and forfeitures nationwide.

IJ LIVE calls take place several times throughout the year and cover a variety of different topics. Whether you’re interested in IJ’s pathbreaking research on occupational licensing, have questions about our long-term plan to protect and advance educational choice, or want to get IJ leadership’s take on a current issue like the direction of the Supreme Court, LIVE calls are a great way to learn more about how IJ changes the world. Partners and Guardians can also ask questions live during each event and get access to audio recordings, transcripts, and additional materials after the call.

We hope that you will consider becoming a member of the Partners Club or Guardians Circle and joining us for the next LIVE event!

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