Goodbye & Thank You, Mrs. Cristofaro

December 1, 2003

December 2003

Goodbye & Thank You, Mrs. Cristofaro

By Scott Bullock

Margherita Cristofaro came from Italy to America with her husband Pasquale in 1962. They settled in New London, Conn., and, like most immigrants, they bought a home and pursued the American Dream. In the early 1970s, the City told the Cristofaros that it needed to take their home to build a seawall and the family lost their first American home. But the seawall was never built and their land instead became part of an office park. The Cristofaros could hardly believe it then in 2000 when New London again condemned a family home for private office development.

We have the honor of representing the Cristofaro family in our challenge to eminent domain abuse in a case currently pending before the Connecticut Supreme Court. It is with deep sorrow that we report that Mrs. Cristofaro passed away in August. We will always cherish our memories of this caring woman. After every court appearance or meeting in this long struggle, she inevitably would take Dana Berliner and me by the hand and tell us how thankful she was to us for saving her family home. Indeed, she seemed to personify a caring Italian grandmother—doting on her children and grandchildren and preparing delicious traditional meals for friends and relatives. We take great pride in continuing this fight on behalf of her wonderful family.

Scott Bullock is an IJ senior attorney.

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