March 26, 2018

Liberty & Law readers may have heard of the Pineapple Fund, an organization created in December 2017 by an anonymous donor aiming to give away approximately $86 million in Bitcoin. “Pine” accepted online applications for two months and received thousands of requests.

IJ applied, and we were proud and delighted to learn in January that we were one of only 58 charities so far selected to receive a grant. Other recipients include charities providing clean water and sanitation services to people around the world, digital rights watchdogs and advocates, organizations that teach kids to read and write, and many more.

At IJ, the Pineapple Fund donation will help us defend and secure the rights of hundreds of thousands of people like those you will read about in this issue of Liberty & Law, protecting them from government abuse and enabling them to live as free and responsible individuals.  From IJ, our clients and so many others like them—thank you, Pine!

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