IJ Wins Silver “Galaxy Award”

February 1, 2004

February 2004

IJ Wins Silver “Galaxy Award”

The Institute for Justice won the 2003 Silver “Galaxy Award” for its work promoting IJ’s Public Power, Private Gain report written by IJ Senior Attorney Dana Berliner and Castle Coalition Coordinator Rob Wiles. The “Galaxy Award” is presented annually to corporations and non-profit groups internationally for excellence in product and service marketing.

Over the past year, IJ promoted Public Power, Private Gain as a means to warn the public about the threat of eminent domain abuse. The Institute for Justice quantified how often these abuses occur, provided specific examples of these takings, and communicated to the public (through the media) that eminent domain abuse is truly a national problem that needs to be fixed.

IJ earned coverage for the report over the past year in such outlets as: 60 Minutes, NBC’s Nightly News, CNN, Fox News Channel, National Public Radio, The Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, Forbes, The Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, Scripps Howard News Service.

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