IJ’s 400th Case!

September 25, 2023

Altimont’s case marks another major milestone for IJ: It is the 400th lawsuit we have filed in court!

In August, Altimont joined the more than 1,200 courageous clients who have fought alongside IJ since we opened our doors in 1991. Over the past three decades, we’ve helped return more than $21 million in wrongfully forfeited property, saved more than 20,000 homes and businesses from the government’s wrecking ball, and rolled back burdensome regulations in 44 mostly working-class occupations.

And we’re growing faster than ever in terms of cases and impact. Fully a quarter of those 400 cases were launched in just the past three years.

IJ’s Project on Immunity and Accountability contributed substantially to that growth, with 27 cases (including four featured in this issue) filed since its launch in early 2020. More recently, we created the Project on the Fourth Amendment to uphold the right to be secure in our persons and property against prying government eyes, and our caseload has grown substantially with that project as well.

As IJ has taken on more cases each year, those cases have also grown in complexity, with more than a dozen class actions on our active docket poised to help exponentially more people than ever before.

 Despite this unprecedented growth, IJ still wins more than 70% of our cases even in the face of entrenched government behemoths.

Thanks to our loyal supporters, we’re litigating our 400th—and counting!—case with the same care and dedication that we litigated our first, to ensure continued success in defending the constitutional rights of all Americans.

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