In Their Own Words: Bureaucrats and developers come clean on eminent domain

October 1, 2002

October 2002

In Their Own Words: Bureaucrats and developers come clean on eminent domain

As IJ prepares our forthcoming report detailing abuses of eminent domain nationwide, we’ve noticed a startling consistency among the bureaucrats trampling on property rights and the private developers and companies benefiting from the practice: a blatant disregard for the lives they are impacting. See for yourself.

“Satisfying everyone’s needs would be detrimental to the area.” — Ron Cano, president of Downtown/Main Street Visions, the private company redeveloping downtown Yorba Linda, California, on declining to allow a local auto repair shop to be part of the new plan.

“We all have to sacrifice.” — Claire Gaudiani, former president of the New London Development Corporation, the private organization granted the power of eminent domain in New London, Connecticut, where the Institute for Justice is defending property owners.

“Theirs is not much of a neighborhood anyway.” — An attorney for Costco, on demolishing 11 homes for a parking lot for the retail giant’s new store in Lenexa, Kansas.

“Not being able to get the property that [Hyundai] wanted brought into question the ability of the state to deliver.”

“They killed the goose before it had time to lay the golden egg.” — Kentucky Governor Paul Patton, blaming the Howlett family for the state’s unsuccessful bid for a Hyundai auto plant. The Howletts fought the condemnation of their farm in Glendale for the project.

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