Paralegal Extraordinaire

September 1, 2000

September 2000

Paralegal Extraordinaire

Juggling the caseloads of 9 attorneys keeps Gretchen Embrey’s hands full

By Chip Mellor

Six heavy, document-filled boxes sat imposingly behind us as we began our trial in Chattanooga to break open the funeral industry’s monopoly on selling caskets. Facing an array of expert and lay witnesses, we had to be exceedingly well-prepared with all of our documents instantly accessible. That’s why, in the midst of the trial, when I turned around in need of a key document, I took such delight in seeing Gretchen Embrey sitting calmly next to the paper-packed boxes. Sure enough, Gretchen promptly handed me the necessary documents, and we did not miss a beat in our trial presentation.

Such steadfast efficiency and professionalism under pressure epitomize Gretchen’s performance as IJ’s chief paralegal. Thanks to Gretchen, the daunting amount of paperwork generated in our cases is always well organized, court filings are timely and complete, and the lives of our attorneys are immeasurably more pleasant in the face of very intense litigation. Perhaps most impressive, Gretchen juggles the needs of nine demanding attorneys with poise and unfailing good humor. For that she earns the undying respect and gratitude of us all.

In the five years since she joined IJ, Gretchen has contributed to our litigation success in countless ways. And, amidst all of her responsibilities, she still finds time to organize our softball season each summer! Gretchen Embrey: Paralegal extraordinaire!

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