Help Change Local Laws by Getting Active Using IJ’s New HAN Website

January 29, 2013

As part of IJ’s mission to educate, empower, organize and mobilize activists to be effective advocates for liberty, IJ’s Human Action Network—made up of IJ-trained grassroots activists across the country—has launched a new activism hub on our website. The new page——features stories about current government abuses of power and explains how individuals can get involved at the grassroots level. For example, a recent post explained how Birmingham, Ala., city officials are considering passing food truck regulations aimed at protecting a vocal minority of politically connected brick-and-mortar restaurants from competition. The piece goes on to describe how activists can join IJ in working with local food truck owners to advocate for regulations that do not favor one business model over another, but instead are strictly limited to protecting the public’s health and safety, allowing all entrepreneurs—mobile and stationary—the opportunity to thrive.

Expanding beyond situations with which the litigation and activism teams can directly become involved, a rolling blog exposes even more government abuses across IJ’s four pillars—property rights, economic liberty, school choice and free speech. Shocking stories, like civil forfeiture funds in Milwaukee being used for Disney vacations and a Nebraska woman facing prison time for massaging horses, provide readers across the country opportunities to become engaged in local battles for liberty.

The new HAN page has already achieved popularity. Newly published stories are promoted using IJ’s online social networks and have sparked lively discussion on forums like Facebook and Twitter. Each story routinely garners several thousand hits.

See for yourself what people are talking about by joining the action at

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