Turning Individuals into Activists is Liberty in Action

February 1, 2014

Every day, special-interest groups convince the government to play favorites and limit the ability to start a business, prevent parents from getting their kids a quality education, silence voters and seize private property.  IJ’s activism team helps give individuals the tools to fight government abuse.

For years, the Institute for Justice has advocated at the grassroots for the rights of these victims of government’s abuse of power. Through local outreach programs, we meet activists where they are, organize them into groups and develop tailored grassroots, media and legislative campaigns. We raise awareness and rally support for the cause of freedom through public demonstrations. And through research, we demonstrate to elected officials that our advocacy of limited government makes for sound policy that promotes individual responsibility, economic growth, a freer America and a brighter tomorrow. We are excited to expand on these efforts in the New Year with the launch of our newly branded activism program: Liberty in Action.

Our new website, www.ij.org/action, provides activists nationwide with opportunities to get involved in the fight for liberty in their own communities. On our blog, we will continue to provide original reporting on outrageous abuses of government power. The site also has a link to report abuse, so victims of government overreach can share their stories and we can better assess how we might be able to help. The site includes links to helpful and exciting resources that are still forthcoming (stay tuned!), research, and protest materials that will help activists become effective advocates for individual liberty.

Liberty in Action members receive monthly updates about IJ’s activities and alerts with opportunities to take action in their state. If you are not receiving these e-mails, please visit www.ij.org/action to sign up.

Want to get involved immediately? We will be kicking off 2014 with our campaign to reform federal civil forfeiture. You may recall the story of Russ Caswell and his family. The federal government tried to take through civil forfeiture their family-operated motel in Massachusetts that they owned for two generations. IJ was victorious in court, but there are others nationwide, like Russ, who don’t yet have the ability to fight back. It is time to change the law to prevent these abuses of power. To help make a difference in this fight, we encourage you to sign the petition at www.ij.org/EndPolicingForProfitand send a message to those in power that this abuse of our rights won’t be tolerated.

This will be an exciting year as we expand our grassroots involvement to new issues and into new communities. We look forward to continuing to stand on the front lines with you in the fight for liberty, and we thank you for your support that makes this possible.

Christina Walsh is IJ’s director of activism and coalitions. 

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