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June 4, 2014

By Caitlyn Korb

The Institute for Justice has become a powerful force for freedom through the strength of our partnerships. We team up with citizens and entrepreneurs whose liberties are under assault to win important legal victories. We work with grassroots groups to raise awareness of our four core mission areas and empower citizens to assert their rights. And we partner with individuals like you who are passionate about defending our most basic freedoms and securing the blessings of liberty for generations to come.

As IJ enters a period of exciting and ambitious growth, we invite you to demonstrate your commitment to defending individual freedom and opportunity by becoming a member of IJ’s Partners Club. IJ Partners support our mission by giving $1,000 or more to the Institute each year. In total, Partners provide nearly 75 percent of our annual funding, and their support is essential to IJ’s ongoing campaign to defend the Constitution. We hope you will maximize your investment in a freer and more just society by joining the Partners Club.

IJ is shaping constitutional debate and achieving victory in unprecedented ways. With 41 cases currently on our docket, we plan to intensify our strategic impact across all four pillars of litigation in the months to come. This October, we will host our 2014 Partners Retreat in Palm Beach, Fla., to give members of our Partners Club and Four Pillars Society an exclusive look at our “all in” strategy.

In addition to an invitation to attend Partners Retreat events, Partners also receive special updates from President Chip Mellor on important case developments. They have the opportunity to visit personally with IJ staff members who are traveling in their area, and they enjoy inside looks at new and exciting IJ cases. For a full list of the benefits of becoming a Partners Club member, please visit As you read through this issue of Liberty & Law and take stock of the many ways in which IJ is changing the world and impacting the lives of real people, we hope you’ll seize this opportunity to play a vital role in securing the liberties that make America exceptional. The stakes have never been higher, nor has the need for IJ ever been greater than at this moment. Join us and become a Partner at the national law firm for liberty.

For more information and to become a Partners Club member, please contact me at 703-682-9320, ext. 221, or [email protected].

Caitlyn Korb is the Institute’s Partners Club coordinator.

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