Look What’s Happening @ www.IJ.org

September 1, 2001

September 2001

Look What’s Happening @ www.IJ.org

By Don Wilson

We’ve been improving the IJ website with new additions and more to come. Starting with our client videos, you can now listen to IJ client Vera Coking describe her fight with a New Jersey state agency that tried to take her property and put her out on the street.  Hear her talk about how IJ fought for her right to keep her home.

We have just finished the “I am IJ” Screen Saver.  This is now released and available to the public.  It can be found on the IJ website at: www.ij.org/screensaver.  It is available for both PC and Macintosh computers and is easy to install.  Download it and show your support for liberty today!

Also new to the website is our school choice research center, where we have resources for those who want to learn more about school choice and obtain valuable facts and legal cites, write a law review article or just expand your knowledge about school choice.

Just how much do you know about liberty and individual rights?  Test your knowledge today. Visit www.ij.org and take the “Liberty Quiz.”  Pass the quiz on to your friends and see how well they compare.

Visit our site often and look for the new things that are happening. 

Don Wilson is IJ’s production and design director.

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