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April 1, 2024

If you’re looking for a rewarding way to help IJ represent everyday Americans—free of charge—as they dare to stand up to government abuse, consider becoming a member of our Merry Band of Monthly Donors.

IJ’s 1,700 monthly donors are just like our clients: regular citizens who are tired of government attempts to chip away at our core freedoms. And they stand shoulder to shoulder every month of the year to safeguard our constitutional rights. Here’s why members say they joined:

“I was sick of being power played by people in power and unable to defend myself.”
–Wolfgang Wilz
“I give a little because I just don’t want IJ to ever go away. I hope they are always here to help protect individual liberty. And if my little joins with others’ little, maybe we can make a difference.”
–Anna Flatt

If you want to shield the defenseless from government bullies and create a better future for generations to come, giving to IJ every month will make a big difference. Monthly donations are convenient and cost efficient, meaning more of your gift goes directly to our fight for freedom and justice.

To join Wolfgang, Anna, and hundreds of others in supporting IJ now and for years to come, to become a monthly donor today visit

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