New Castle Watch Blog Keeps Owners & Activists In the Know

February 1, 2008

By Chris Grodecki

The Castle Coalition works to be the one-stop information resource for property owners threatened by eminent domain abuse. Part of this work includes searching the Internet every day for media reports of eminent domain abuse that we then share with IJ attorneys and staff so they have the latest information about situations across the country. To expand those “in the know” about these abuses, we recently launched CastleWatch Daily, a blog dedicated to tracking the latest news on eminent domain and guiding the public on how they can help stop this abuse of property rights:

Despite reforms in 42 states, many local governments still seek to grab land from their own citizens for private economic development projects. The large number of these situations makes it difficult to give each abuse the attention it deserves, but CastleWatch Daily will make it easier for people to learn more about eminent domain abuse not only in their own neighborhood but anywhere it is taking place.

In the near future, look for exclusive web content, including features and guest commentary from others at the Institute for Justice, who will provide insight into stopping eminent domain abuse and discussion on the state of property rights.

Chris Grodecki is a Castle Coalition writer.

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