New Home for Arizona Chapter

February 1, 2007

If you ever visit an Institute for Justice office—whether here in Arizona or in Seattle, Minneapolis or Chicago, or our headquarters in Arlington, Va.—you will notice the architecture always complements our operating style:  open, airy, inspiring and professional.  That is the environment we create for ourselves every place an IJ employee hangs his or her hat, as is the case with our brand-new offices for the Arizona Chapter.

Located in Tempe’s vibrant Mill Avenue District, in a restored Spanish Colonial building constructed in 1899—one of only two three-story buildings constructed before statehood—our Arizona Chapter continues making its own history in the state.

Sure, Buffalo Bill Cody was once a guest in our building (when it was better known as the “sunshine hotel,” so-nicknamed because the owners did not charge guests on days when the sun did not shine), but buffalo are easier to knock down than, say, government regulations . . . an IJ-AZ specialty.

So, while our surroundings may seem to transport us to Arizona’s territorial days, our cutting-edge litigation is working to ensure our constitutionally enshrined rights survive well into the 21st century and beyond.  Please stop by if you’re ever in the neighborhood.  Friends of freedom are always welcome.

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