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October 7, 2009

Looking for a rewarding and consistent way to support IJ’s work? Consider joining our Merry Band of Monthly Donors. Monthly giving is:

• Simple and convenient
• Cost-effective
• Essential to IJ’s long-term success

Here at IJ, we work to change the world through long-term strategic litigation, communications, activism and research. Monthly givers allow us to focus on the future by providing a reliable source of income.Monthly gifts go even further in advancing liberty because of lower administrative costs for processing donations. And many members find they can give more by giving over the course of the year instead of through a one-time contribution.

Eliminate the lost time involved in finding envelopes, buying stamps and writing checks. Just sign up once online to have your credit card or checking account charged every month. You can cancel or change your membership at any time.

Visit our website at, or contact Mary McPherson at 703-682-9320 x239 for more information.

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