The Product is Freedom. The Brand is IJ.

April 1, 2000

The Product is Freedom. The Brand is IJ.

Anyone who knows IJ knows that we are about real people, fundamental rights and individual liberty.

You can see it in our clients, their hardships, their victories, their heroism. One of the reasons we have been so successful in the eight short years since we opened our doors is that we have always worked to tell their story and the stories of the people who make our work possible-donors, staff, and those we’ve trained to fight for freedom.

As a result, there is an emotional connection between all that holds IJ together-the principled people who have always been the essence of who we are and the stories we have to tell. It’s about fighting government tyranny and leaving the world more free than we found it.

Our challenge is to communicate to others liberty’s impact in the real world and the results we’ve achieved for those we represent.

To do so, we’ve followed the branding examples of Nike and The Wall Street Journal, only now the product is freedom; the brand is IJ.

Over the coming months on the pages of our publications and in selected media outlets, you will see powerful images and compelling stories followed by the simple declaration: I am IJ. I am IJ communicates the importance of the fight for freedom by reinforcing the message that liberty matters.

I am IJ is an invitation to let us tell you how.

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