The Unflappable Lisa Knepper

December 1, 2002

December 2002

The Unflappable Lisa Knepper

By Chip Mellor

Our award winning communications program just secured another prize. Meet Lisa Knepper, our new director of communications. Lisa, who had joined IJ as a communications coordinator, was recently promoted in recognition of her exemplary professionalism and passionate commitment to our cause. Lisa adds a new dimension to our communications effort, and under the tutelage of her mentor, Vice President for Communications John Kramer, has quickly come to play a vital role in spreading the IJ message far and wide. Lisa’s keen intellect and unflappable poise guarantee that even the tightest deadlines will be met with grace.

Lisa scored her first coup when, through her efforts, the defining picture of the U.S. Supreme Court voucher victory, depicting Roberta Kitchen and Rosa-Linda Demore-Brown hugging in celebration, appeared on the front page of The Washington Post and many other papers nationwide. Lisa will build on this success as she directs our school choice media work.

Lisa brings a unique background in academia and public relations to IJ. She was an honors graduate in political science and economics at Ohio State University with a minor in philosophy, and attended the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program hosted by the Institute for Humane Studies. After graduation, she worked for the national public relations firm of Hill & Knowlton in Los Angeles. In all her endeavors she brought a dedication to the principles of liberty. It was a great convergence of talent and opportunity when she found an outlet for her idealism at the Institute for Justice.

Of course being a former OSU Buckeye, she has football in her blood, so in the midst of juggling media calls, she still finds time to run the office football pool. It’s a source of great competition and fun, and so far she’s even foiled Kramer’s periodic attempts to rig it. She’s a winner, and will help IJ achieve even greater victories in the years to come.

Chip Mellor is IJ’s president and general counsel.

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