What the Institute for Justice Has Achieved Thanks to Your Investment

December 1, 2008

What the Institute for Justice Has Achieved Thanks to Your Investment


$10,450,000 annual budget

97% of IJ donors who donated $25,000

or more renewed their support (FY 2008)


57 Staff (including 25 Lawyers)

4 Chapters

1 Clinic

A Record of Success & Impact

4 U.S. Supreme Court cases litigated since 2002 employing IJ’s vision of public interest litigation

60 Wins (through litigation, legislation & settlement)

18 Losses

77% of all IJ cases since our founding in 1991 ended in a victory for freedom

16,122 properties saved post-Kelo

190,000 children in school choice programs nationwide

From a National Organization to a Nationwide Organization

Offices located in:

Arlington, Va. (Headquarters)

Austin, Texas

Chicago, Ill.

Tempe, Ariz.

Minneapolis, Minn.

Seattle, Wash.

Nationally Acclaimed

1997 Public Relations Society of America’s Bronze Anvil for op-ed and editorial placement

2000 International Association of Business Communicators’ Silver Inkwell for media relations

2001 Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s Silver Medal for best media plan

2004 Bulldog Reporter’s Silver Prize for media relations

2005 Washingtonian magazine’s Best Places to Work Award

2005 MarCom Creative’s Platinum Award for eminent domain media relations

2006 & 2007 Webby Award Official Honoree (also nominated in 2005)

2007 Davey Award’s Silver Prize for “Not for Sale” DVD

2007 MarCom Creative’s Gold Award for “Not for Sale” DVD

2007 W’s Silver Award for Castle Coalition website

2007 Apex Grand Award for “Eminent Domain Abuse Survival Guide”

2007 Hermes Creative Award for “Hands Off My Home” poster

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