“Predictive Policing” Algorithm Creates a Dystopian Nightmare for Residents of This Florida Town

How One Sheriff’s Office Harasses and Arrests Citizens It Suspects of Future Crimes

When the Institute for Justice filed suit against the so-called predictive policing program in Pasco County, Florida, the Sheriff’s Office issued a statement saying that their program is not “in any way, shape or form the ideals or implementations projected in the film ‘Minority Report.'” But in this episode of Deep Dive, we discuss the chilling reality of a program that targets residents for possible future crimes based on a crude algorithm, as well as the program’s myriad constitutional violations and IJ’s lawsuit to end it.
Tampa Bay Times Exposé of the Predictive Policing Program: https://projects.tampabay.com/projects/2020/investigations/police-pasco-sheriff-targeted/intelligence-led-policing/

Show Notes

Tampa Bay Times Story Announcing IJ’s Case: https://www.tampabay.com/investigations/2021/03/11/lawsuit-pasco-intelligence-program-violated-citizens-rights/

Press Conference Where IJ Clients Targeted by the Program Tell Their Stories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBLR4IL2VHg&t=452s

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