Ignorance of the law, immigration deference, war deference, and Honey Badger copyrighting.

Texas admin appeal: http://www.search.txcourts.gov/SearchMedia.aspx?MediaVersionID=94188990-8353-45e1-9475-1433233a37e3&coa=cossup&DT=BRIEFS&MediaID=722c1e4d-e466-45f9-b217-ae16f263008f
Immigration: http://www.ca5.uscourts.gov/opinions/pub/17/17-60460-CV0.pdf
Gitmo detainee habeas: https://www.cadc.uscourts.gov/internet/opinions.nsf/0/27A95EB827865F50852582E2004EDEFF/$file/17-5067-1744312.pdf
Honey Badger: http://cdn.ca9.uscourts.gov/datastore/opinions/2018/07/30/16-56715.pdf

Recent Episodes

March 23, 2023

Short Circuit 264 | Evicting Innocent People

Can a city get a renter evicted for a crime they didn’t commit? Unfortunately, in over 2,000 cities across the country the answer is yes. […]

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March 14, 2023

Short Circuit 263 | A Three Hour Tour

A nostalgic tale of judicial engagement where we examine whether recess is a crime and whether it’s fine for the government to follow your every […]

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March 08, 2023

Short Circuit 262 | Shielded

A special Short Circuit Live at Georgetown University hosts Joanna Schwartz of UCLA to discuss her book Shielded: How the Police Became Untouchable. And not […]

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