For the fourth year in a row, the Institute for Justice has teamed up with the University of North Carolina Federalist Society Chapter to preview cases for the Supreme Court’s upcoming term. IJ’s Justin Pearson and Erica Smith join with UNC Professor Andy Hessick to share their wisdom on what’s interesting, and what may get even more interesting, in the months to come.

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Brownback v. King,

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We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of this podcast. But if we could we’d tell you all about the CIA’s involvement in a […]

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Short Circuit 320 | Spy Cameras

We revisit an issue that’s really coming into focus: cameras on poles and how they stand up to the Fourth Amendment. Mike Greenberg of IJ […]

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Short Circuit 319 | Baptism By Venue

Two wild stories this week, one biblical and one of a more secular nature—but still wild. Jeff Redfern of IJ tells of a Texan judicial […]

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Short Circuit 318 | Is Coding Speech?

An all Seventh Circuit, all Chicago episode. IJ attorney Andrew Ward drops in to tell a tale of online support for terrorists. Or at least […]

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