The first two items in the Bill of Rights get top billing. Does a nine-year-old felony conviction for tax fraud justify continuing to deny someone their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms? That’s something the Third Circuit addressed, with a spirited dissent. Patrick Jaicomo discusses this case about the Second in the Third. Meanwhile, the Fifth Circuit recognizes that new law has come to light regarding the First Amendment, and that changes everything for Dr. Ron Hines, in his quest to bring telemedicine to our animal friends. Without the aid of a fifth, Ari Bargil gives us the history of quite a bit of speech and rational basis action over the last few years in Circuit Number Five.

Folajtar v. Attorney General (2d Amendment case in the 3d Cir.),
Hines v. Quillivan,
Engblom v. Carey (3d Amendment case in the 2d Cir.),
St. Joseph Abbey v. Castille,
Facts, Not Fantasy,
Bound By Oath podcast,
Deep Dive podcast,
Brownback v. King,
Tim Sandefur, Rational Basis and the 12(b)(6) Motion: An Unnecessary “Perplexity”,
Patrick Jaicomo,
Ari Bargil,
Anthony Sanders,

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