Ever wondered when the police can pull you over and what they can do once you stop? Then this episode brings news you can use through a couple recent traffic stop cases. Wesley Hottot reports on the Eighth Circuit’s blessing of a stop supposedly brought on by some pretty smelly weed (although not everyone is convinced of the story). Then, your host Anthony Sanders tells us of a new development in Oregon where its high court has rejected the “automobile exception” to the requirement to get a warrant before a search. Also, please keep your nominations for the most beautiful federal circuit courtroom rolling in. Our listeners have demonstrated there’s some architecturally fierce, yet lovely, competition out there.

United States v. Shumaker, https://ecf.ca8.uscourts.gov/opndir/21/12/203467P.pdf

Oregon v. McCarthy, https://cdm17027.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/p17027coll3/id/9463/rec/2

Post on Oregon v. McCarthy, https://ij.org/cje-post/state-con-law-case-of-the-week-oregon-stops/

IJ’s Project on the Fourth Amendment, https://ij.org/issues/ijs-project-on-the-4th-amendment/

Wesley Hottot, https://ij.org/staff/whottot/

Anthony Sanders, https://ij.org/staff/asanders/

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