Short Circuit 230 | Immunities Denied and Federal Court for Trump Prosecution

Georgia criminal defense attorney Andrew Fleischman joins us to talk about a unicorn. Yes, the Eleventh Circuit recently found a state prosecutor was not absolutely immune from a civil rights lawsuit, where a witness was arrested for not testifying . . . after he actually showed up to testify. This kind of case is extremely rare, and Andrew discusses how rare, and what its effect might be in a place like the Fulton County prosecutor’s office. Then it’s off to the Fifth Circuit where Alexa Gervasi of IJ discusses an absolutely tragic case where a prisoner dies and the guards are notgranted qualified immunity. Not quite a unicorn, but also a rare beast.

Also, speaking of Fulton County, STICK AROUND TO THE END. Andrew educates us on why if the Fulton County District Attorney prosecutes former President Trump the case could be removed to federal court. And, he gives a prediction about whether that will happen.

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