Short Circuit 233 | Frozen Lawns and Nashville Blues

Property rights leads the way this week, with a little bit of intervention thrown in. Paul Avelar of IJ joins us to present a Sixth Circuit case where the owners committed the crime of landscaping their lawn without permission. He also discusses some recent goings on in the city of Nashville, Tennessee to do with home based businesses and code enforcement, including a recent ruling of the Tennessee Supreme Court. In addition, your host Anthony Sanders tells a tale of wine and intervention, also in the Sixth Circuit. Don’t worry, there wasn’t “an intervention” related to wine, but the intervenors who aren’t happy about wineries were able to intervene.

Click here for transcript.

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Stevens v. City of Columbus

Wineries v. Township of Peninsula

Shaw v. Nashville

Code Snitching in Nashville (Radley Balko story)

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