Short Circuit 241 | Pretext for a Traffic Stop

The Supreme Court has said that once the police find a reason to pull you over, they can pull you over—even if that’s not at all why they actually want to pull you over. Patrick Jaicomo joins us to discuss a tragic story from the Fifth Circuit where the court denied qualified immunity to an officer, but also questioned why the police should be allowed to conduct pretextual stops in the first place. We also police tactics that seem designed to turn the temperature up, not down. Then it’s off to the First Circuit where Anna Goodman tells us about standing and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Be sure to keep your standing from your merits while listening. Also, we close with a little bit about “cleaned up.”

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Crane v. City of Arlington

Laufer v. Acheson Hotels, LLC

Novak v. City of Parma cert petition

The Onion’s amicus brief in Novak

“Cleaning Up Quotations” by Jack Metzler

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