Short Circuit 245 | A Texas-Sized “And”

Everything’s big in Texas. Including that famous English conjunction “and.” For the first time on Short Circuit we have two IJ attorneys based in the Lone Star State on the same episode, Arif Panju and Christie Hebert. They introduce us to two Texan cases from the Texas-dominated Fifth Circuit. First, Arif explains why some voting rights groups didn’t have standing to challenge a few changes to the state’s voting laws even though the new rules seem to have problems. Then, Christie tells the story of “and” under the First Step Act and how two Fifth Circuit Texan judges can disagree so strongly. Further, William Travis—and the em dash—make appearances.

Click here for transcript.

Texas State LULAC v. Elfant

U.S. v. Palomares

Letter to the People of Texas and All Americans in the World

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