Short Circuit 248 | “I Declare Bankruptcy”

Money makes the world go round. And sometimes the Constitution and our civil rights laws help money out with that. We examine a couple recent cases where bankruptcy and attorney fees awards intersected with constitutional law. First, IJ’s Rob Peccola describes how the Second Circuit followed the Supreme Court’s recent instructions to take Constitution’s use of the word “uniform” seriously. Then, IJ’s Bert Gall joins us for the first time to walk through what the Sixth Circuit had to say on who a “prevailing party” is and what “enduring” means. A whole lot of cash can turn on the answer. Plus, if you like Shel Silverstein, this might be the episode for you.

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In re Clinton Nurseries, Inc.

Tennessee NAACP v. Hargett

Siegel v. Fitzgerald

Smart, read by Shel Silverstein

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