You got insurance is not just a question they ask at the doctor’s office. Most of the time when someone sues the government—especially a local government—there’s at least some insurance potentially available to pay for the government’s defense and to pay a claim. But insurance policies are famous for having exclusions. And it turns out that in bunch of lawsuits in the Sixth Circuit there are exclusions for property rights and taxes that are making things complicated for property-tax-collecting counties. These come in the wake of “equity theft” cases, and court rulings that these can constitute a taking. IJ’s Dan Knepper joins us for this intersection of insurance and civil rights law. Also, we go down to the Eleventh Circuit for a life insurance policy and a tragic story of “suicide-by-cop.” Turns out the standard exclusion in a policy for suicide can count even if that happens indirectly. Finally, if you haven’t heard our “12 Days of Short Circuit Christmas” on our separate bonus episode, stick around until the end for a song about 12 days and 12 federal circuits.

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Safety Specialty Insurance Co. v. Genesee County Board

North American Co. for Life & Health Insurance v. Caldwell

Rafaeli, LLC v. Oakland County

Short Circuit episode on Rafaeli

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