Short Circuit 268 | God and Man at Harvard and Yale

Who ever said insurance isn’t interesting? Certainly not the Eleventh Circuit, and certainly not IJ’s Ben Field. He tells us a harrowing story of a church—a church of all places!—which weathers two acts of God (hurricanes) while taking insurance contracts and kicking insurances claims (actually, the insurance company kicked the claims). Ben weaves together the competing views of contract interpretation as personified by Harvard’s Samuel Williston and Yale’s Arthur Corbin to explain how the court ended up where it did. We even delve into the Gospel of John for inspiration. Then, in slightly less theological matters than contractual interpretation, we look at what the Fifth Circuit cooked up when it comes to free speech. Whether you’re a veggie burger connoisseur or not, you’ll want to hear about Louisiana’s attempt to stymie the labeling of meatless meat such as Tofurky. IJ’s Betsy Sanz tells us why the court did not find the law unconstitutional, but also why that means the law might not end up doing very much.

Shiloh Christian Center v. Aspen Specialty Insurance Co.

Turtle Island Foods v. Strain

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