Cars and free speech, what could be a more American combination? This week we’re playing a double-sided session that you can enjoy while honking your horn or writing your Facebook post. That’s because our two cases examine the free-speech implications of both of those activities. First, if you honk in support of a protest, is that protected by the First Amendment? We drive out to sunny California and the Ninth Circuit to answer that automotive question. Then, it’s off to the hills of Kentucky for another—not quite as fun—car activity: Calling the tow truck. For one towing company they found the calls stopped just around the time they criticized a local politician on Facebook. Coincidence? The Sixth Circuit thinks maybe not. Plus, with a speech bonus, you’ll hear what Rudyard Kipling thought of the motorcar.

Porter v. Martinez

Lemaster v. Lawrence County

To Motorists

Background to To Motorists

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