Short Circuit is delighted to welcome one of the “Founding Fathers” of #AppellateTwitter to our virtual studio, Sean Marotta. Sean tells the story of how it all began at a Washington, D.C. BBQ joint (leading to The Tweet from The Dean, Raffi Melkonian) and then switches to a story of discovery abuse in the Eleventh Circuit. The court tells us that the rules of civil procedure apply to the federal government. Who knew? Apparently not the Consumer Finance and Protection Bureau. Then IJ’s Diana Simpson takes aim at an emerging circuit split regarding the Second Amendment and felons. Could Jean Valjean win a case to get his gun rights back? In the Third Circuit signs point to oui, but in the Eighth Circuit he’d have to say au revoir. And in one of the Eighth Circuit cases there was an immensely short—but just as interesting—dissent. Does it have connections to biblical apocrypha, specifically the Book of Esdras? As you’ll hear, there likely is “[m]ore to come.”

CFPB v. Brown

U.S. v. Jackson

U.S. v. Cunningham

Range v. Attorney General

2 Esdras 4:45-46

Commentary on Esdras (G.H. Box 1912)

The lunch that launched #AppellateTwitter

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