Short Circuit 282 | Sexy Cops and Decades of Deference

We swing from one legal extreme to another this week. From the First Amendment protecting street entertainers in Vegas on the one hand to deference to the comments of the United States Sentencing Commission on the other. First, John Wrench walks us down the Vegas Strip with a couple “sexy cops” who bumped into some undercover real cops and then ran into some real trouble. The Ninth Circuit ruled in the case in 2017 and then after a petition for rehearing was filed did . . . nothing. Until this month when it filed an amended opinion. We try and figure out what happened with that and where the case stands now. Then it’s off to the Tenth Circuit where Jared McClain explains a developing circuit split over what deference courts owe to the Sentencing Commission’s interpretation of its own rules. Despite the split, though, Jared explains how it might be a while until this area gets sorted out.

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Santopietro v. Howell

U.S. v. Maloid

Law review article on Santopietro case (by Stephen Touchton)

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