The members of the Nashville City Council are apparently big fans of sidewalks to nowhere. In order for property owners to get a permit they have to commit to building a sidewalk along their lot line, even if there’s no sidewalk anywhere else on the street. Or, they can just hand over a chunk of cash. The Sixth Circuit said earlier this year that there’s a big constitutional problem with that. Minnesota attorney Ryan Wilson stops in to tell us about that story. But first we hear from another Minnesota attorney (sense a theme here?) David Asp about everyone’s favorite topic: ERISA preemption. No, seriously, it’s a big deal that has a big impact on our health care system. Dave walks us through a recent opinion from the Tenth Circuit that marks a split and could be on its way to the Supreme Court. Also, you’ll learn a bit about how law students clean up after themselves (not well it turns out).

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Pharmaceutical Care Management Assoc v. Mulready

Knight v. Nashville

Where the Sidewalk Ends

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