Short Circuit 295 | Nightmare on Law Street

It’s our Halloween special! Spooky stories from the federal courts of appeals that will keep you up at night. Erica “Specter” Smith Ewing and Bert “The Ghoul” Gall, both IJ attorneys, tell a couple recent terrifying tales from the Tenth and Seventh Circuits. First, Erica lays out how a small Colorado town repeatedly stymied a property owner with new land use regulations when the owner dared to compete with a business connected to members of the city government. The opinion features ghosts of IJ’s past and the biggest monster of them all, the rational basis test. Then, Bert outlines a lawsuit involving cable companies and cities losing out on cable fees. But the case takes an unexpected—and haunting—twist at oral argument. The worst nightmare of many of a Seventh Circuit practitioner makes an appearance: Judge Easterbrook asking jurisdictional questions outside of what was briefed. Listener discretion (at least for appellate advocates) is advised!

Click here for transcript.

Van Sant & Co. v. Calhan

East St. Louis v. Netflix

Oral argument in Netflix case

Schoolhouse Rock – I’m Just a Bill

Powers v. Harris 

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