Short Circuit 301 | Litigating the Multiverse

We’re joined by Braden Boucek, Director of Litigation at the Southeastern Legal Foundation, and IJ’s Arif Panju. Braden takes us to the Eighth Circuit where the court dismisses some claims as moot in a challenge to a school district’s transgender policy. But it finds the rest of the case live—and the policy vague. Braden makes the point that some other judges have seemed to think lawsuits are either not ripe or moot, but never actually justiciable. Along the way there’s some unenumerated rights talk. Then Arif uses his language skills to take us into a tale of French heritage and . . . oil and gas. It’s a bit of a wild issue in the Fifth Circuit about extraction, property rights, and the interplay of ancient French doctrine and modern American statutes. Also, what’s really going on with the court’s certification to the Louisiana Supreme Court? It’s a Cajun conundrum.  

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Parents Defending v. Linn Mar Community School Dist.

Johnson v. Chesapeake Louisiana, LP

Event on Mere Natural Law

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