Short Circuit 306 | Widespread Super Cheap Surveillance

If a defendant lies on the stand, and also hasn’t turned over records that would have helped answer the same question, is that discovery abuse? We dig into trial tactics with IJ’s Will Aronin in a civil rights case from the Fourth Circuit where a police officer defendant may not have been entirely truthful about how many times he had been sued. Then IJ’s Jeff Rowes gives the full Reno 911 about a man whose prescription drug mill was nabbed through a warrantless search of a massive government database. Does the Fourth Amendment protect your medical records? We learn how the Ninth Circuit recently grappled with—or, rather, didn’t grapple with—that issue.

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Morgan v. Tincher

U.S. v. Motley

Los Angeles v. Patel

Folsom Prison Blues

Friend of the Devil 

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