It’s a clerk reunion this week, at least for two former clerks of Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain of the Ninth Circuit. We welcome back David Lat of Original Jurisdiction who is joined by Daniel Sullivan, a New York litigator at Holwell, Shuster & Goldberg. Both clerked for Judge O’Scannlain at one time, giving them keen insights into clerking on the Ninth and what it’s like to be a judge in a jurisdiction where your colleagues often take a different point of view. However, we start things off not out west but in the southeast where David details Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ efforts to suspend an elected prosecutor, Andrew Warren, and Warren’s resulting First Amendment lawsuit. In an opinion chock-a-block with facts the Eleventh Circuit rebuffed the suspension. David also highlights a Judge Newsom concurrence (something we’re getting quite used to on Short Circuit) and some interesting state-law issues. Then Dan turns the gas stove on to cook up a story of preemption and evolving standards of statutory interpretation. The City of Berkeley did a very Berkeley thing by trying to prevent new gas ranges, but the Ninth Circuit said federal law preempted that decision even though several judges thought maybe the law in this area isn’t all that up-to-date. Including Senior Judge O’Scannlain. Also, there’s a recommendation for where to get chicken next time you’re in Chicago.

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Warren v. DeSantis

California Restaurant Assoc v. Berkeley

Original Jurisdiction

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