The Ninth Circuit recently had some pretty harsh words for the FBI’s egregious behavior when the Bureau decided to crack open some vaults in Los Angeles. The FBI tried to forfeit all kinds of property held in these vaults from innocent owners. Rob Frommer of IJ tells us all about this IJ case and the Ninth Circuit’s indignation. Then it’s off to the Second Circuit for a different kind of police misconduct, but misconduct nevertheless. IJ’s Katrin Marquez details a police officer’s attempts to silence someone simply because he told the cop to turn his headlights on. The case demonstrates how hard it can be to enforce the First Amendment and how necessary the courts of appeals can be. There’s also some ‘80s nostalgia for those into live TV syndicated specials.

Click here for transcript.

Snitko v. U.S.

Rupp v. Buffalo

Oral argument in Snitko v. U.S.

When Geraldo Rivera Opened Al Capone’s Vault

Buffalo News story on Rupp case

New IJ report on Qualified Immunity

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