We’re joined by the SCOTUS Ladies, two “Supreme Court super fans.” They are Anastasia Boden and Elizabeth Slattery and they’re here to talk about their new blogging project but also to share their wider knowledge of the Constitution, public interest litigation, and even the federal courts of appeals. They each pick a case from the Fifth Circuit by Judge Willett, who you’ll learn is a very self-proclaimed “middle-management circuit judge.” First it’s the big question everyone is asking: Has the Supreme Court impliedly overruled Humphrey’s Executor? Minds seem to differ among the judges. Plus we have a bit of a rumble about structure vs. substance. Then we Netflix and chill while a rogue prosecutor goes after the streaming service and won’t let go—until the court recognizes a loophole in Younger abstention.

Click here for transcript.

Consumer Research v. CPSC

Netflix v. Babin

Humphrey’s Executor v. U.S.


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