An electric episode where we just might short the circuits. That’s because we dive into some capital “D” Drama at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Amid fighting and commissioner turnover related to renewable energy prices and an election, FERC makes a consequential decision without first going to the full board. And later the Sixth Circuit catches that hand in the judicial cookie jar. Dan Knepper of IJ drops by to explain some of the complexities of energy policy and how to remedy its violation when everyone doesn’t dot their i’s. Then Bobbi Taylor of IJ leads us (along with 43 police officers) into a home where no drugs (or the suspect) are found but many family members are seriously injured. Qualified immunity? The Third Circuit prefers a jury. Also, you learn what Sir Walter Scott meant by a “palmer.” And does anyone use paper copies of the Federal Reporter anymore?

PJM Interconnection v. FERC

Anglemeyer v. Ammons

Politico piece Dan mentions

Sir Walter Scott’s Marmion

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