Short Circuit 317 | Live at the University of Virginia!

The Short Circuit roadshow comes to UVA in Charlottesville, Virginia, where we finally focus on the Fourth Circuit. Fresh off her Supreme Court argument last week in Gonzales v. Trevino, Anya Bidwell turns back to the federal courts of appeals with some local guests. They are Professors Rachel Bayefsky and Lawrence Solum of UVA and Greg Cui of MacArthur Justice (and UVA). They discuss recent Fourth Circuit cases about cruel and unusual punishment in prison, a non-immune judge on a search, and the rational basis test turned up to 12 (that is, Rule 12(b)(6)) in a land use dispute.

Jones v. Solomon

Gibson v. Goldston

SAS Associates 1 v. Chesapeake

Video from Gibson case

Legal Theory Blog

Bayefsky on Judicial Institutionalism

Bayefsky on Public-Law Litigation

Solum on Legal Personhood for AI

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