An all Seventh Circuit, all Chicago episode. IJ attorney Andrew Ward drops in to tell a tale of online support for terrorists. Or at least FBI agents posing as terrorists. This recent case does not weigh in on, but raises the issue, of whether computer code is speech. Then we turn to the nitty gritty of unions, small employers, pension plans, and legalized cartels. Things are a bit topsy turvy in this area—and often sound pretty unfair. Your host gives a bit of a lay of the land as it’s been expressed by Judge Easterbrook of the Seventh Circuit over the years.

IJ conference on the Open Fields Doctrine (May 10)

Cato conference on the right to earn a living (April 18)

U.S. v. Osadzinski

Bulk Transport Corp. v. Teamsters No. 142 Pension Fund

Central States v. Gerber Truck

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