Arizona School Choice – Latest Release

John Kramer
John Kramer · April 22, 2008

Phoenix, AZ.-The Arizona Court of Appeals last week denied a request by parents with children trapped in failing Arizona school districts to participate in an ongoing lawsuit seeking more state funding for those districts. The parents, represented by the Institute for Justice Arizona Chapter, had asked the courts instead for an immediate escape from the failing districts in the form of school vouchers.

The parents filed a request to participate in the seven failing districts’ lawsuit against the State last year. Earlier this year, the Maricopa County Superior Court denied that request, claiming that the parents would not be directly affected by the districts’ lawsuit.

“It’s difficult to imagine who has a greater interest in the outcome of a lawsuit brought by failing school districts than the parents and children who look to those districts for a quality education,” said Tim Keller, an attorney with the IJ Arizona Chapter in Phoenix. “This decision is extremely disappointing for anyone who cares about ensuring a good education for all Arizona schoolchildren.”

The Institute will not appeal the decision.

“The legal handwriting on the wall made it pretty clear an appeal would not succeed,” Keller said. “With limited resources, we have to focus our efforts where they can have the greatest impact.”