School Choice Parents & Their Lawyer Discuss Today’s U.S. Supreme Court Argument

John Kramer
John Kramer · February 20, 2002

“At the rally, I stood in front of hundreds of school choice supporters, looking out at a sea of parents and children. And beyond them, standing against us as always, were the same union members and special interest activists . . . no parents that I saw. But this time we were between them and the Court, and the Court was behind us today. It wasn’t the other way around with them standing in our way of getting out kids a good education. We can only hope the Court will stay behind us with a decision that preserves our school choice.”

“The attorneys for school choice in the Court showed that we do have a choice among schools and that choice would be even greater if the public schools stopped their boycott of the program.”

“Winning here would mean no more frustration and worry, wondering what will happen to us. A victory would be a relief and a huge opportunity for others.”

“School choice puts control of the educational paths of our children in the hands of parents, where it ought to be – we know what’s best for our children.”

“I used to be pinned in a corner about how to give my children a good education. School choice is the excellent answer to our educational problems in Cleveland.”